I started making granola in March of 2013 after an unsuccessful search for gluten-free granola that wasn’t too sweet. Most varieties of granola also had ingredients that I didn’t like and were hard to pick out. My dear friend Jane sent me to her favorite store for granola. Unfortunately the owner had closed up shop for good. Undaunted, Jane found a recipe and gave it to me.

I made a batch with less maple syrup than the recipe called for, per Jane’s suggestion, and VOILA! I was hooked. In order to keep from eating the whole batch, I decided to sell it first at farmers markets and then at stores.

In October 2014, Holy Macro Foods became the company that makes Granola by Jen. I have a couple of licenses and rent commercial kitchen space in Stratford. Someday I will expand and make macrobiotic food (hence the name) available to the public. But not yet. I’ve got my hands full with making granola!

I was a graphic artist until the children arrived. After the kids didn’t need me so much, I thought about how I could make a positive contribution to the world, use my creativity and generate income for the family. Creating a tasty snack made with love and organic ingredients (except the salt and the cherries), packaging it in a cute bag and selling it satisfied all three objectives. Enjoy!

Read the Granola by Jen/Holy Macro Foods story (it’s short).

Can’t get to a farmers market or one of the stores where Granola by Jen is available? No worries, you can get it right here!

It’s Not Just Me That Likes It!

You are the Goddess of Granola.

Best ever.

I schedule my doctor’s appointments on Monday afternoons so I can be near the Green (in Stratford) and get some granola.

I have dreams about your granola.

It would be great to hear from you!